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Please go to the Download Page to get the retail order form. TERMS OF PAYMENT - LOCAL, MAINLAND & FOREIGN CUSTOMERS 1. Full payment, including all packing, handling & shipping (document charges for foreign orders) required with your order. Payment by check, money order, VISA, MC. Prices FOB, H&R Nurseries, Waimanalo, Hawaii. 2. Minimum Shipping Order: $25.00 for USA. Shipments to Arizona: $350 minimum, after discounts, plus $40.00, Minimum, for Spraying/Phyto. Fee. Foreign (see below). 3. Discounts: $100 to $250, 5% discount; $250 to $750, 10% discount; Over $750, 20% discount. 4. USA, Packing, Handling & Shipping Charges: Normally sent by Post Office Priority a. Orders less than $25, add $25.00 for packing, handling & shipping. b. Orders $25 - $50, add $20.00 for packing, handling & shipping. c. Orders $50 - $100 (after discounts), add $22.00 for packing, handling & shipping. d. Orders $101 - $150 (after discounts), add $28.00 for packing, handling & shipping. e. Orders $151 - $199 (after discounts), add $34.00 for packing, handling & shipping. f. Bulky shipments to Puerto Rico or other areas, requesting PO Actual P&H & Postage costs will be billed. f. Orders over $200 (after discounts), add 5% Packing & Handling charges (actual P&H charges will be billed for bulky shipments). Actual Postal or Fed Ex charges will be billed. 5. Foreign & US Protectorate Customers (requiring agricultural inspection & Phytosanitary certificate): Minimum Purchase after discount, $500.00 (if H&R does permits); $35 to $60 Document Fees (inspection, Phytosanitary and CITES Documents); plus spray/dipping fees (if necessary); 5% Plant Preparation, Packing & Handling Charges. Payment by: Bank Check, Money Order, VISA, MasterCard. Shipment normally Air Freight Collect. US Priority Mail or Fed Ex for US Protectorates. Express Mail ok if prepaid or by charge card (PO size limits on boxes). Please send or fax Import Permit & import requirements with your order. Please provide your Address, Phone Number & Destination Airport.


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